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Taiton Trout

Taiton is 23 Fort Morgan, CO. He Trout Detailing and has been in business for about 4 years. Throughout the years, he has made many friends and mentors. Also has gained multiple certifications: 12 certificates, including, IDA SV & CD, Angelwax, Liquid Armour Protective Coatings, Detailers of the Round Table fully certified, Sonax, Marine Certified, and my list keeps growing. He is one of six to receive the Daryl Lyons Scholarship from the Southern Detailers Conference. He loves attending trainings and soaking up as much as he possibly can. I love mentoring and training in anyway I can. After the years of mentorship I’ve received, I love the opportunity to pass that on and help another young detailer grow. When he's not in the shop or handling business, he is spending time with his girlfriend Tori and supporting her in her dreams.

Timothy c Mills ll

Certifications = over 11?
 Detail King -Diploma from Pennsylvania Department of Education 
IDA-CD SV soon to be MC and WC Sonax USA Sanding Techniques 
Angel Wax USA Certified Installer 
IGL Coatings Aegis Certified Rupes Sanding Techniques 
Round Table Certified- Interior Exterior Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings 

My name is Timothy c Mills. The second I am thirty two years old from toledo ohio born and raised on the east side.My love of cars started very young.Growing up on the quarter mile drag strip. I always wondered when I would get into cars after Working at Jeep for 5 years and building the Wrangler. I wanted to get into cars in another Way, so I started renting my own cars. And that grew from 8 cars to 30 cars very quickly, so becoming a detailer was the smartest move I could make to take care of all my cars!  Now I love detailing, so much I do it. Full time.When i'm not working on cars or cleaning cars, you can catch me jumping out of airplanes or riding front row on the newest fastest tallest roller coaster