Our Mission Statement

Never assume malice when likely it can be contributed to incompetence. Everything you're going through, millions are going through the same thing. Be a little more aware of people around you before you think others are against you. Your own thoughts can be your worst enemy and your saving grace. It's your choice to choose the mind set you have. Be patient, be kind, be empathetic  and always make the act of giving your gift to yourself. That is where happiness dwells and unity begins. Together we can make a positive change!

Detailers Of The Round Table

We are the 1% of the industry that is here for the industry. The 1% of the industry that trains, operates under legitimate business practices, and mentors under the same core values of Honesty, Integrity, resilience and consistency. We are not saying we are better then anyone else! We just want to unite the industry together and do away with the drama. Focusing on raising the bar for a better industry standard. We want to offer a quality training program to catapult your skills, knowledge and experience to a more successful and brighter future! Illuminating your path to guide and support you as a detail industry professional.


Guilds are defined as associations of craftsmen and merchants formed to promote the economic interests of their members as well as to provide protection and mutual aid. As both business and social organizations.


Welcome to detailers of the round table. As a knight you will be expected to uphold our core values and our ethos as a professional in the field. Once you attend a training event you will be able to be hired in our "detailers for hire portal as well as being able to move up the tiered ranks of knighthood and able to become a royalty member. "See royalty benefits". All while enjoying the perks that our organization offers. Discounts, mentors, support, accountability, community engagement. Networking will become your greatest advocate to help push you and your business to a new level!


Describes someone with high or elevated character, or who is impressive in appearance. From feudal times, we have known nobles as the heirs to thrones or as the holders of aristocratic title.


Royalty members are labeled simply as trained and vetted members that are able to be hired at training events and run administrative programs and be on committees as they form. Including but not limited to Shoppe certification, trainings, trade shows, "detailers for hire" events, website and application administrators.

Founders Club

Will have all the responsibilities and prestige as the whole, all while molding the organization into a support and growth machine! Selected individuals that share the same vision as stated in our mission statement. Attributes that may exceed our personal abilities. Each founders club members may posses like qualities, but will excel in a particular light. As a team we can become a dream team of leaders and organizers that will raise the industry bar so we can attract incredible individuals into the detail industry as a career. Let's pass the torch!

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