Royalty Members

Tracy Urfer

I was a stay at home mom of 4 kids for almost 20 years before I went through a divorce. I met Glenn in 2015. I had zero knowledge of what “detailing” was. At that time Glenn was working full time and was doing detailing on the side out of our house. He had been detailing for approximately 30 years. I followed him around asking questions and trying to learn what he was doing. We opened Automaxx+ in March 2020. The week that Covid hit..., not knowing a world pandemic was about to explode. We now do Automotive, Aviation, Industrial & Marine.
• IGL Kenzo Master Installer
• Fireball Master/Expert Installer
• Aviation trained and Insured
• IGL Aegis trained and certified
• Attended a Rupes Correction Class
• X-Kote trained and certified
• Marine trained and certified
• Automaxx+ organized and hosted a major project in April 2023, restoring a former Air Force One Grumman G3 aircraft. We had 24 detailers and sponsors that participated in the event. This event was completely a donation of time for those involved and was completely sponsored. President’s Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr and General Norman Schwarzkopf flew on this aircraft.
• I was nominated for Female Paint Assassin of the year in 2022. No, I did not win, the lovely Jennifer Turcotte took that award home.
• I will be attending an IGL Armor class in September
• We hosted an IGL Eclipse training at our shop in the Fall of 2020
As far as outside hobbies.... I enjoy being with my dog, cat and guinea pigs. I am trying my hand at container gardening for the 2nd year. I enjoy doing something called Diamond Art

Glen Urfer

I’ve been detailing since 1990 ( 33 years ). Ive worked at dealerships, body shops, detail shops, car lots (buying and selling cars) as well as owning and operating Automaxx+ with my wife. We specialize in paint correction and ceramic coatings. Our scope of work involves cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, industrial coatings, corrosion control, helicopters, planes and jets. We recently completed a project 2 years in the planning to restore polish and coat a former Air Force One Jet with detailers from around the world and multiple major sponsors. My wife and I planned the project from start to finish with the help of lots of our friends and it is something we are quite proud of.
My training/ certifications consist of.

  • IGL certified installer
  • IGL Kenzo master installer
  • IGL Eclipse training
  • IGL Aegis trained and certified installer
  • 2 IGL aviation certifications
  • Rupes ultimate training
  • Nathan Warren Frontline Shine marine certification
  • X-Kote certification
  • Fireball expert level installer
  • Fireball master level installer
  • System X installer
  • Pearl Nano certification
    Hobbies include The guitar, my S2000, and spending time with my family.

Danny Cantrell

Since 2008 I have been analyzing and tweaking all I do when it comes to detailing. Being mainly self taught I had to over come a lot of challenges .So, as years went by I refined all I do in ways of understanding to teach others from products, processes, business, pricing structure, marketing and more. Many like myself started with an idea now let me help you take that idea and build into the dream you want. When it comes to experience I started in cars like many working at a dealership. With no training or nothing as years went by I learned from trial and error-which led me to starting my own company with that I grow and expanded to RVs, boats and more.

Stefanie Smith

I like to think of myself as a very unique & charismatic woman in our detail industry. I am THE general manager at Akron Pro Detail which my dad Detail Billy owns. I started off pretty young. At 5 years old my dad would bring me to work to vacuum out cars, dress tires & clean trunks. My dad's little helper. Even though now I'm taller than him 😅 That's when my love for vehicles started.  I am an invaluable asset to the company. I attend any & all training events that are presented to me as i am eager to learn everything about the detail industry. Learning every day. I am IDA Certified and Skills Validated. Also Onyx coating certified. I was also a nominee at The Southern Detailers Conference for Female Detailer Of The Year in 2023.  My hobbies outside of work are restoring old vehicles. Currently working on a 1973 GMC 2500 Camper Special. Super Custom trim level with my fiancé. I enjoy going to car shows on Sundays. Hanging with my dogs & my family. Gardening relaxes me. Kayaking & fishing are other things I enjoy to do as well as my favorite hobby is being a housewife. ❤️

Kendall Honore

Hi i am Kendall Honore with magiktouch detailing. I have 16+ years of experience. I hold multiple certification in the detailing and automotive field. I am a recognized member and certified detailer with the international detailing association.