Founders Club

Kirk Evans

Kirk started his professional detail career in 2001. Approaching 23 years as the owner of Pro Auto Detail Inc. Running a 50 employee production detail facility at the peak. Now focusing on high end detail jobs with a 3 person staff producing quality service utilizing the Pro level ceramics and techniques. Kirk enjoys always furthering his education with industry peers and enforcing a positive attitude towards career and life balance. Enjoys attending exotic car meets with his family. Beth "wife" and three kids Grace, Tyler, and Braelyn. 

•Associate Pastor and board chair at his Church in Cookeville Tn. 

•Co-Founder and board chair of Detailers of the Round Table.

•2023 IDA Detailer of the year nominee 

•Multiple Brand certified ceramic installer

•IDA certified detailer, skills validated 

•ADA aviation certified 

Mike Rhines

Mike has been detailing for 16 years. Started from dealership detailing, learning and getting hands on experience before venturing off to owning his own detailing business, FamouslyFresh Detailing. He was a certified sales representative for an Anheuser
- Busch distributor for 7 years.
 - Co-Founder of Detailers Of The Round Table
- International Detailing Association
- CD, SV
- Former National Trainer for Liquid Armour Protective Coatings.
- Chris Evans Foundation Trainer
- Bob Wrasman/Car Brite SOS Training Team
- Sonax Authorized Detailer.
- ADA Aviation Certified
In my spare time, im spending it with my 4 kids, Addyson, Karter, Kinsley, and Braedyn, at their sporting events as the older 2 are involved in travel leagues, going to car shows and fishing.

Bob Wrasman

Bob has been using Car Brite products since 1978, in 1982 he entered into the sales field exclusively selling Car Brite products for the largest Car Brite Distributor in the USA. His background in Body Shops has uniquely prepared him for his current role as an expert and historian of Auto Body paints, cleaning and restoration. Bob has been called upon by many museums in the world to offer advice and restoration tips and techniques on the most expensive vehicles in the world. His ability to trouble shoot hard and finicky soft paint has had many museum curators request his assistance for many museum quality cars. Bob is a respected advisor to the IDA and sets on the board of Directors, his workshops have taken him all over the world His expertise and broad knowledge of everything in the vehicle detail world will make your attendance in any of Bob’s courses extremely valuable. ADA Aviation Certified. Bob is a volunteer executive advisor for the Detailers Of The Round Table. Bob works for Car Brite Car Care

Rod Puzey

Rod Puzey is a proud member of DOTRT Founders Club, An IDA Certified Skills Validated Detailer and an IDA founders club member. Rod is the co-host of The RoadFS Podcast with partner Jody Sedrick which has received awards as an industry leading podcast and is the longest running detailing business podcast. Rod has been involved in the automotive industry since 1986 in the following roles:
• ASE Certified Mechanic.
• Professional Restoration of classic autos
• Air Force One with Detailing Success
• Petersen Automotive Museum with Sonax USA and New Generation Detailing.
• Speaker at events MTE, SDC multiple years.
Driven by a deep passion for business success as the Co-Creator of RoadFS Software - a complete software solution that has set the standard in the detailing industry Rod is dedicated to empowering individuals to thrive in all aspects of their lives. His unwavering commitment to the detailing industry is evident through a constant drive to help professionals excel and reach their goals. 

Jody Sedrick

Jody Sedrick is the Co-Founder of Zenware and the Co-Creator of RoadFS Software - a complete software solution that has set the standard in the detailing industry. Jody is also co-host of The RoadFS Podcast with partner Rod Puzey which has garnered awards as an industry leading podcast and is the longest running detailing business podcast.Jody has been involved in iconic industry detailing events including:
•  Air Force One with Detailing Success,
•  Falcon One with IGL Coatings
 •  Petersen Automotive Museum with Sonax USA and New Generation Detailing. Driven by a deep passion for both business success and personal growth, Jody is dedicated to empowering individuals to thrive in all aspects of their lives. His unwavering commitment to the detailing industry shines through as he consistently strives to help professionals excel and reach their goals. Jody's extensive experience and insights have culminated in his authorship of "Learn To Dance With the Currents Of Life - When You Feel Like Drowning," a profound guide that offers valuable wisdom and strategies for navigating life's challenges. He also hosts two other podcast Father's Fire, and Into The Grey.IDA Founders Club

Richard Hutchins

Richard began his career at around 13 years old working on cars for a family that owned approx 150 classic cars, Richard started a detailing business back in the 80’s bringing products in from the USA, where he learnt his trade and skill sets, this quickly grew into a multi van mobile business and a detailing shop fixed location, as business progressed Richard noticed a gap in the market for high quality leather care, repair and restoration products. Richard is renowned for his dedication to training people globally. Now Leather Repair Company is a worldwide known brand, loved by many. Richard is well known for spreading positivity to others in anyway he can.

Carolynne Hutchins

Carolynne has been involved with the Leather Repair Company since its inception, Carolynne has totally different skill sets to Richard, she is a business and financial focused person, with a flair for quality, attention to detail is Carolynne’s main focus for the companies product range, helping establish the eco friendly range of products and growing the business to the global success it is today. Carolynne is a bit of an adrenaline junky with raising money for charity, doing all types of stunts from wing walking to jumping out of planes and abseiling down buildings.

Kevin Atwell Sr.

Class A Detailing – with 43 years of service to our customers Detailer – 1978 to presently working
Went to Mercy Catholic High School – Grad of 1983
Started my own shop in the small corner of a garage in late 1979.
Worked there after school and every weekend till graduating High School 1983
Moved to my own garage in 06-12-1984
Stayed there for approx.. 7 years.
1991 – Became a Police Officer, all the while owning the detail shop with 3 employees
1993 – Joined the Marine Corp – 16 years, 6 deployments. Part time Police put on hold with a full time detail shop going that was run by a friend and Fiancé. On my leave and time home the detail shop stayed running now had 10 people working and moved again to Delaware County, Pa. from Philadelphia, Pa.
DD214 – Marine Corp late 2009.
Police Officer from 2009 to 2019
Sworn in as a US Marshal on the Violent crime task force in 2005 till 2020.
In my years, I must have taught over 35 young people how to detail cars free of charge. In hope of motivating them to do good in there life. I will not stop.
All while having a successful detail shop. I continue to detail today, to teach and learn. My goal in life is to motivate others, at any age. Never to old to learn.

IDA Member
SB3 Certified
DuraSlic Certified

Daniel Burros

Dan has been in the Reconditioning industry for 25 years counting and is the Reconditioning Director for Stinger Chemicals and has been with them for 4.5 yrs now. Dan is an active member in the IDA and holds a CD, SV with them. Dan is passionate about the industry and excited to help provide years of experience and knowledge to new, up and coming, and seasoned detailers. When he is not working, Dan enjoys fishing and exploring mountains.

Nathan Warren

Nathan has been detailing for 30+ years, specializing in marine, motorcycle and auto detailing. Nathan has owned and operated Frontline Shine for 23 years on the Westside of Indianapolis, IN. In his recent years he has been the Marine director for IGL Coatings, and the Marine 31 Trainer for Autogeek. Currently, he is the trainer and rep for Ceramic Solutions, the Brand Ambassador for Lake Country Manufacturing and the Director of Training for Detailers Of The Round Table. Nathan has also served on the board of directors for the IDA, and the committee's for Marine and Motorcycle Certification that over seen the development of the testing, also the marine instructor for education days at Southern Detailers Confrence. Nate spends his winters in FL building Frontline Training and detailing Boats. When he is home, he is on his Harley, going to concerts or spending time with his son, daughter in law and 2 grand kids.